Magic: The Gathering player, podcaster, & broadcaster | Former event commentator for the SCGTour | Photographer

Joey Pasco has been playing MTG since January 1995, and discovered his passion for blue-based control in the early 2000s (special thanks to Vedalken Shackles). After launching Yo! MTG Taps! with bhj in 2009, he spent 3 years having a blast doing commentary for the Open Series on what's now known as the SCGTour. In 2012, YMTGT went on hiatus, so Joey joined the In Contention podcast as a host alongside Matt Kranstuber and Reuben Bresler after Sam Stoddard left the show to work for Wizards of the Coast.

In October 2019, Joey launched DrawGo Designs, a line of apparel directed at fellow MTG players. (Hint: You can get YMTGT apparel here too!)

Joey's favorite format is Modern, where Azorius Control and Jeskai Control are his longtime weapons of choice.

Joey lives in Baltimore with his wife, Christina, and their daughter, Aurelia.

Joey Pasco has hosted 147 Episodes.