Yo! MTG Taps! YMTGT #14 Red is Dead


June 19th, 2019

1 hr 4 mins 42 secs

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This week Joey and bhj introduce their new Fringe Division segment with phenomenal music by The Phenomenal Ryan Germor, talk about the state of Modern now that Hogaak has taken over, and briefly discuss bhj's brief, miserable MCQ performance. Finally, they break down the first wave of Core Set 2020 spoilers, and incidentally gain 3 life.

"Fringe Division" Lyrics:
In the trenches On the fringe
Only mountains And a living end
Tribal zombies And hedron crabs
Losing matches To a single path
Stone are raining, from conjurings
Ball Lightning’s striking in companies
It’s not top tier but it’s damn sure tier fun
We’re going to war in the Fringe Division

(lyrics by Ryan Germor)

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