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235 episodes of Yo! MTG Taps! since the first episode, which aired on October 9th, 2009.

  • Yo! MTG Taps! YMTGT #2 ArenaGrumping

    January 2nd, 2019  |  1 hr 49 secs

    Joey and bigheadjoe are back to discuss some of their experiences with the MTG Arena software. • MTG Arena - Known Issues BBD’s Arena Articles • How to Get the Best Bang for your Buck on MTG Arena • What the Best-of-One Metagame Means for...

  • Yo! MTG Taps! YMTGT 2099 #1

    December 18th, 2018  |  1 hr 9 mins

    Joey and BHJ get together to talk about MTG Arena and all the changes to Magic coming in 2019. Is BHJ contemplating a return to competitive play? Magic Pro League roster: https://magic.wizards.com/en/magic-pro-league MTG Arena eSports...

  • Yo! MTG Taps! - The Final Episode

    April 21st, 2016  |  1 hr 41 mins

    This week, Stephen and bigheadjoe are joined by honorary member of Yo! MTG Taps! Jeff Zandi to discuss Grand Prix Albuquerque and bring the show to a close. 

  • Yo! MTG Taps! - Big Poppa Clue And Double Draft Delirium

    April 7th, 2016  |  59 mins 23 secs

    This week, Stephen and bigheadjoe discuss the Modern bannings (and unbannings!). Then they talk about Stephen's prerelease experience before returning for a late night rundown of their first Shadows Over Innistrad draft.

  • Yo! MTG Taps! - Blue's Clues

    March 31st, 2016  |  2 hrs 14 mins

    This week, Stephen and bigheadjoe are joined by Jeff Zandi to discuss the Hunter Burton Memorial Open. Then bigheadjoe interviews Zac Elsik, winner of said Open. Finally bhj, Stephen, and Jeff take a look at the full Shadows Over Innistrad spoiler.

  • Yo! MTG Taps! - Meat and Potatoes

    March 24th, 2016  |  1 hr 6 mins

    This week, Stephen and bigheadjoe discuss bhj's deck for the upcoming Hunter Burton Memorial Open this Saturday and then investigate some Shadows Over Innistrad spoilers! 

  • Yo! MTG Taps! - Some People Chitinous Cloak, and Some People Bone Saw

    March 17th, 2016  |  57 mins 1 sec

    This week, Joey Pasco, bigheadjoe, and Kenny Thoms discuss their Grand Prix DC experience.

  • Yo! MTG Taps! - Zancram and Hair of Falcon Wrath

    March 10th, 2016  |  1 hr 43 mins

    This week bigheadjoe is joined first by Jeff Zandi to discuss the Hunter Burton Memorial Open and help bhj cram for GP DC. Then Stephen joins bhj to discuss Shadows Over Innistrad Spoilers!

  • Yo! MTG Taps! - I'll Believe It When You're Dead

    March 3rd, 2016  |  50 mins 52 secs

    This week, Stephen and bigheadjoe discuss their experiences at GP Houston and then touch on a couple minor news updates.

  • Yo! MTG Taps! - Excruciating Eldrazi, Mopey Mardu, and the Beginning of the End

    February 25th, 2016  |  1 hr 7 mins

    This week, bigheadjoe begins by announcing April 29th as both the end of his Magic playing career and the close of this show, then discusses Modern and Standard with Stephen as they make their final preparations for GP...

  • Yo! MTG Taps! - Paint It Black

    February 18th, 2016  |  1 hr 12 mins

    This week's episode title refers both to mourning the loss of Wayne England and Christopher Rush, as well as what the people who came up with the card names for Shadows Over Innistrad likely did to their rooms as teenagers. Also we talk Standard decks.

  • Yo! MTG Taps! - Eldrazi Shadows Over The Pro Tour

    February 11th, 2016  |  1 hr 13 mins

    This week, Stephen and bigheadjoe discuss #PTOGW, the potential fallout from the event, and then pretend to draft a pack of Shadows Over Innistrad.